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Been noticing a lot of love for a Future War movie; I have an idea:

2020.11.13 17:52 Fist_of_Thrawn Been noticing a lot of love for a Future War movie; I have an idea:

TR;DR: make a quasi-sequel to T:Salvation set during the future war proper. Keep Christian Bale. The film would not require you have seen T:Salvation or consider it canon.
As the title says, I’ve noticed this sub has been giving a lot of love to the concept of a future war movie.
This love is reflected in and explains all the “very positive” steam reviews that Terminator:Resistance has received, despite its mechanical shortcomings. Futher, I’ve seen Terminator Salvation being proposed as one of the better T-2/3 sequels we have seen; what keeps it from realizing its full potential is that its not really the dark,plasma-filled future we wanted, and the story gets muddled with Marcus’ arc.
That being said T:Salvation did several things better than any of the other sequels, and it is why I think we should “continue” the story of T:Salvation. These highlights include:
You get the point. T:Salvation did enough things right that it deserves to be our foothold into the future of the franchise. That being said, many regular moviegoers dont remember T:Salvation and those who do propbably did not like how it was a direct sequel to T3’s canon. So here is how we get around that:
-Obviously we need to recast Kyle Reese as Anton Yenchin is no longer with us. Have him learn under the wing of John but not mention the precious film’s events. All the matters is he had previously been in Skynet captivity and John saved him. This is true across all canons.
-No need to mention the exact date Judgment Day happened. I believe the T3 and Salvation canons pushed back the date from the date in T-2. I say we dont need to cancel out date from T3/Salvation, just dont mention it. Judgement day happened, humanity was brought to the point of extinction, and John has been with the Resistance since Day 1. What more do you need?
Thank you for making it this far to my Ted Talk. I’ve been playing and loving T:Resistance and recent litmus tests of this sub tell me this is where the franchise needs to go. Of course there can and should be games that cover the concept of time travel and the past, but its not where I think the film franchise should go. The film side of the franchise needs a serious win and I think this is a way to do it.
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2020.09.02 16:35 intellectualgulf The theory that Christianity aids the advancement of Science and Technology is wrong.

Now at least one rational response will show up in Google results. It is absolutely absurd that until today, 20200902, if you searched for the phrase "christian damage to human knowledge", you would have found no results.
This is utterly ridiculous to anyone remotely familiar with history.
Unfortunately if you search for the phrase "christianity and the advancement of technology" or just "christianity and technology" you get results by a new cult of Christianity professing the incorrect thesis that claims, "Christianity “The Historical Roots of Our Ecologic Crisis,” (1967) ".
I will prove the thesis wrong using a single historical fact to begin with, but there are so many that I will just keep adding to the list until someone gives me a doctorate for this.
Trying to claim "Christianity is beneficial to technology and science" is so incredibly inaccurate I can't begin to describe the magnitude of the error. I can call this branch of nutters a Cult because they are actively trying to alter history in a very dangerous way. The Catholic / Christian churches and nearly every branch ultimately promote misinformation and lies, with this ridiculous theory being the biggest turd so far.
The claim by White is,
"the emergence in widespread practice of the Baconian creed, that scientific knowledge means technological power over nature can scarcely be dated before 1850".
Well that isn't how logic or history work at all.
Firstly, just because the scientific method had not been described by Sir Francis Bacon until the 1650's does not mean in any shape or form that the methods were not being applied beforehand.
This would be like claiming gravity did not exist before Newton described it, which clearly is not how the physical world operates.
Unfortunately the best summation of White's Thesis, found in the "Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature", seems to be the origin for the idea that White was proposing a link between Christianity and technology:
Had White shown that religion was a cause of technological development
It seems White's paper and later evaluations within "Christian Scholarly circles" is what led to this absurd attempt to whitewash history.
Really everyone should stop here, as the theory has already proven itself false in basic premise.
Let's go ahead and prove it wrong though before the overwhelming amount of bullshit being spewed overwhelms actual historical fact.
To do this, let's look at one of my favorite historical figures, Archimedes of Syracuse (/ˌɑːrkɪˈmiːdiːz/;[2] Ancient Greek: Ἀρχιμήδης, Arkhimḗdēs; Doric Greek: [ar.kʰi.mɛː.dɛ̂ːs]; c. 287 – c. 212 BC) was a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer.[3]
A large part of Archimedes' work in engineering arose from fulfilling the needs of his home city of Syracuse. The Greek writer Athenaeus of Naucratis described how King Hiero II commissioned Archimedes to design a huge ship, the Syracusia, which could be used for luxury travel, carrying supplies, and as a naval warship. The Syracusia is said to have been the largest ship built in classical antiquity.[31] According to Athenaeus, it was capable of carrying 600 people and included garden decorations, a gymnasium) and a temple dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite among its facilities. Since a ship of this size would leak a considerable amount of water through the hull, the Archimedes' screw was purportedly developed in order to remove the bilge water. Archimedes' machine was a device with a revolving screw-shaped blade inside a cylinder. It was turned by hand, and could also be used to transfer water from a low-lying body of water into irrigation canals. The Archimedes' screw is still in use today for pumping liquids and granulated solids such as coal and grain. The Archimedes' screw described in Roman times by Vitruvius may have been an improvement on a screw pump that was used to irrigate the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.[32][33] The world's first seagoing steamship with a screw propeller was the SS Archimedes, which was launched in 1839 and named in honor of Archimedes and his work on the screw.[34]
For a wonderful example of why Christians should not be allowed to spread this ridiculous theory of how helpful they are to science and technology lets look at a Christian practice of writing over old manuscripts with bible nonsense:

Archimedes Palimpsest
In 1906, The Archimedes Palimpsest revealed works by Archimedes thought to have been lost.
The foremost document containing the work of Archimedes is the Archimedes Palimpsest. In 1906, the Danish professor Johan Ludvig Heiberg) visited Constantinople and examined a 174-page goatskin) parchment of prayers written in the 13th century AD. He discovered that it was a palimpsest, a document with text that had been written over an erased older work. Palimpsests were created by scraping the ink from existing works and reusing them, which was a common practice in the Middle Ages as vellum was expensive. The older works in the palimpsest were identified by scholars as 10th century AD copies of previously unknown treatises by Archimedes.[75] The parchment spent hundreds of years in a monastery library in Constantinople before being sold to a private collector in the 1920s. On October 29, 1998 it was sold at auction to an anonymous buyer for $2 million at Christie's in New York.[76]
The palimpsest holds seven treatises, including the only surviving copy of On Floating Bodies in the original Greek. It is the only known source of The Method of Mechanical Theorems, referred to by Suidas and thought to have been lost forever. Stomachion was also discovered in the palimpsest, with a more complete analysis of the puzzle than had been found in previous texts. The palimpsest is now stored at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, where it has been subjected to a range of modern tests including the use of ultraviolet and x-ray light to read the overwritten text.[77]
So what does Archimedes tell us? Well he tells us we have a verified person alive before Christ who practiced science. Archimedes definitely followed a different religion since the Judaic People didn't have the Maccabean Revolt (origin of Hunnakah) until 150 BCE.
Looking at the religions history of Ancient Rome we can see that is is very unlikely Judaism or Christianity had become more than Cults by the time of Archimedes, who lived in Syracuse before the Romans conquered it, and died as a result of that conquering.
So just to be clear we have a "heathen" who is recognized by anyone with a brain as one of the most influential scientists to ever live.
Syracuse did LATER become infected by Christianity but it was not founded by Hebrew or Christian peoples and certainly was not Judaic or Christian or Catholic.
Syracuse was founded by Greek colonists in 734 or 733 BC, part of Magna Graecia. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia: "Syracuse claims to be the second Church founded by St. Peter, after that of Antioch. It also claims that St. Paul preached there. ... In the times of St. Cyprian (the middle of the third century), Christianity certainly flourished at Syracuse, and the catacombs clearly show that this was the case in the second century." Across the Strait of Messina, Calabria on the mainland was also probably an early center of Christianity.[63]
To put the nail in the ridiculous notion that Christianity is somehow linked to scientific and technological progress, let's just have a look at the timeline of notable events in human history.
c. 300 bce
Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma emerge as India's trio of main gods, with the Vedic religion of the Aryans evolving into Hinduism
The Celts move across the Channel into Britain, soon becoming the dominant ethnic group in the island
The Greek author Theophrastus writes On the History of Plants, the earliest surviving work on botany
The flexibility of the Roman legion transforms the Greek phalanx into an even more effective fighting machine
Euclid, teaching at the museum in Alexandria, writes what becomes Europe's standard textbook on geometry
Vesta, goddess of the hearth, is served in Rome by virgin priestesses who tend the sacred flame in her shrine
The Indian epic of romance and adventure, the Ramayana, is probably the work of a single author at about this time
Epicurus postulates a universe of indestructible atoms in which man himself is responsible for achieving a balanced life
Phoenicia is brought into the new Hellenistic empire, changing hands frequently between contending successors of Alexander
c. 300 bce - ce 100
The people of Paracas, a coastal region of central Peru, create extremely sophisticated fabrics of woven cotton or vicuña wool
299 bce
The Roman siege technique is improved by the 'tortoise' which protects the attacking force
Seleucus founds Antioch as a Greek city on the trade route between Mesopotamia and Europe
292 bce
The Colossus, a giant statue of Helios the sun god, is erected beside the harbour of Rhodes
281 bce
Pyrrhus lands in Italy, with 25,000 men and 20 elephants, to fight for the Greek colony of Tarentum against the Romans
c. 280 bce
The Jewish community of Alexandria coins the word diaspora for Jews living far from Israel
The Alexandrian school of medicine develops an alarming form of clinical anatomy – human vivisection
A great lighthouse, subsequently one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is built on the island of Pharos, off Alexandria
The Jews of Alexandria commission the Greek translation of the Old Testament which becomes known as the Septuagint
272 bce
Asoka, a devotee of Buddhism, wins the Mauryan throne and establishes India's first empire
c. 270 bce
On the small Greek island of Samos an astronomer, Aristarchus, comes to the startling conclusion that the earth is in orbit round the sun
264 bce
A clash in Sicily, between Rome and Carthage, leads to the First Punic War
The first gladiatorial contests in Rome are part of the entertainment at a funeral, and soon become popular
c. 260 bce
The 500,000 scrolls in the library at Alexandria are listed in a catalogue, which itself runs to 120 scrolls
A Carthaginian quinquereme, captured by the Romans, is used as the model for the first Roman fleet - constructed in two months
The new Roman fleet wins a decisive victory over the Carthaginians at Mylae, thanks largely to the 'raven' (corvus in Latin)
c. 250 bce
The organ, using a mechanical device to pump air through a set of musical pipes, is invented in Alexandria by Ctesibius
Archimedes (it is said) leaps out of his bath shouting eureka ('I have found it') when he perceives how to test for relative density
Asoka, extending his rule over much of India, proclaims his Buddhist faith on pillars and in rock inscriptions
The Chinese develop the crossbow, many centuries before its use in Europe
The first alchemists, working in Alexandria, are also the world's first experimental chemists
The digits known now as Arabic numerals make their first tentative appearance in India
The Romans evolve a system of numerals which, until the end of the Middle Ages, is a handicap to western arithmetic
Buddhism reaches Sri Lanka as a result of the missionary efforts of the Indian ruler, Asoka
To help the king of Syracuse extract water from the hold of a ship (so the story goes), Archimedes invents the screw now known by his name
Hmmm. I see an odd lack of the Big G given how Christianity or other religions of the book are supposed to be somehow integral to scientific progress.
Oh wait that's right. It's a lie. That explains it much more simply than rewriting history doesn't it?
Yes many scientists since the creation of Christianity have been Christian. A lot of people who died were alive too.
All people will inevitably try to enact / enforce policies and laws that align with their personal beliefs. Logical / rational people do not allow their irrational beliefs (religion) to guide their policy making. Irrational people, the religious, actively try to force the rest of the world to follow their irrational beliefs.
If you don't see how that can be dangerous, consider that pre-marital sex used to get you killed by a mob chucking rocks.
Yeah... no. No one should be expected to let a group of people who believe they commit ritualistic cannibalism every week decide on law.
Like I said I am going to keep adding to this, and I will clean up the language, but it makes me furious to know that Christian "scholars" are trying to white wash history and make it look like Christianity is somehow responsible for technonological / scientific progress. It is absurd. Chrsitianity / Catholicism / Religion itself is almost always anathema towards scientific progress since science unveils the lies that are woven into every religion.
Resurrection - never happened.
Deities visiting the planet - never happened.
Miracles - never happened.
Religion being the moral backbone of society - laughably wrong
Now lets have a look at REAL things that REALLY happened and aren't weird masturbatory conjecture.
Galileo, the most famous example of a scientist put to death for arguing with the church
People that Christians burned because religion
Christians burning books, the epitome of destroying knowledge beyond just murdering people
Conservative Christians Deny Climate Change still
Or how about the super disturbing fact that the United States Supreme Courts constantly has to fight to keep idiotic religious rules from infecting our schools and government
Or how about the fact that God was added to the United States way after the fact, and we were intended to be a non-affiliated country
Modern Christian revisionists would have you believe the United States was founded as a Christian nation. No it was not by any mean. Let us prove this by looking at the Constitution:
All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation.
This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any state to the Contrary notwithstanding.
The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.
So politicians campaigning based on their religious affiliation could actually be seen as a violation of the Constitution. Making religion a basis for election is contrary to the constitution.
The idea that the separation of Church and State was not intentional or was somehow added later is absurd. The first amendment was suggested in September 25, 1789 and ratified in December 15, 1791.
If you look at the "Christianity in the United States" Wiki page, you can see more of this revisionist bullshit.
Separation of church and state[edit]
In October 1801, members of the Danbury Baptists Associations wrote a letter to the new president-elect Thomas Jefferson. Baptists, being a minority in Connecticut, were still required to pay fees to support the Congregationalist majority. The Baptists found this intolerable. The Baptists, well aware of Jefferson's own unorthodox beliefs, sought him as an ally in making all religious expression a fundamental human right and not a matter of government largesse.
In his January 1, 1802 reply to the Danbury Baptist Association Jefferson summed up the First Amendment's original intent, and used for the first time anywhere a now-familiar phrase in today's political and judicial circles: the amendment established a "wall of separation between church and state." Largely unknown in its day, this phrase has since become a major Constitutional issue. The first time the U.S. Supreme Court cited that phrase from Jefferson was in 1878, 76 years later.
This is so obviously wrong given historical fact that I shouldn't have to spell it out for anyone. This is not just navel-gazing conjecture as there are now conservative Christians trying to actively change history. What a sad state the world is in (again).
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2019.05.06 00:28 DatLightsaberBoi Thoughts On Using Christian Mingle and Other Christian Dating Sites

Hello! I've really have been considering giving online dating a try but am a little hesitant due to mixed views I have received o the matter. On one hand some tell me that it's fine and they found their spouse that way, and on the other some tell me that it's all in God's timing and He will either bring me the correct person or take me to them.
I honestly am unsure of which is a more biblical approach. Due to the extremely limited pool of Christian singles in my local community and social circles I have really been thinking about using a Chrsitian dating site.
Thoughts, advice, and links/suggestions to biblical literature on the subject matter are greatly appreciated!
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2014.12.17 15:06 manhattan_prospects Ex-Christians/Muslims/Hindus etc. What was it that convinced you of atheism/secularism?

I'm not usually one to post much online, whether it's Facebook, Reddit or whatever so I guess this is a bit of a big deal for me. Congratulations guys you've temporarily broken lurker habits. But other than breaking my usual passive online nature I'm here to try get some advice from you anonymous stranger. I need a place to start looking into the world and beliefs of atheists. I know this is probably a bit selfish and I'm not sure if anyone will ever read it all but if you're interested to know the "spiritual" upbringings of some dude you'll probably never meet, you're in the right place... you're a bit creepy for wanting to know about strangers but I guess that's my fault for posting here. So, go:
Background: In a nutshell I was a poster-boy for the Christian community. I was one of those kids raised in Kid's Church (Sunday school for the Americans) and went to two different Christian schools. As I grew up I became heavily involved in the church. Often I attended three services every week, played in youth and church bands, led and attended prayeBible study groups at school and socially... Ok so I was involved. Pretty heavily. You get the picture.
Now, since leaving the world of "30cm-rules" and "volunteering-for-eternal-rewards" I've found many a hole in the Sunday hype and prosperity way of living. The continual stress of questioning if I could be doing more for the kingdom coupled with the hypocrisy within the church results in greater burdens than freedoms. I've been told continually I'm free meanwhile I feel that I'm shackled to God's conditions and the churches expectations. And if they aren't met, go to hell (literally).
A close family member of mine has since "come-out" as an Atheist to our Christian family which has resulted in me doing a lot of questioning and soul-searching (which is an ironic phrase in this context). So I guess that's why I'm here reaching out to you humble reader of TrueAtheism. I'm wondering if there were there any particular sources/books/scholars that you've found very useful? Particularly when you began finding out about evolution, carbon dating, fossils, big bang etc. If so what/who are they? If you were previously religious, what was it that resulted in you moving away from your faith? I'd appreciate any amount of feedback, particularly if you were in a similar place to me growing up and have since embraced a non-spiritual view on the world.
tl;dr - I've been raised a Christian. Good beginner sources? Your story from spirituality to scepticism.
PS. I don't think I've use that many /, ", () and - before in my life. The punctuation is taking over.
EDIT - Holy balls guys! Thanks so much for reading my midnight ramblings. I've just woken up to get ready for work so I'll be reading through all of the responses I can and starting a list of resources once I get home. Thanks again!
EDIT 2 - Ok so I've read through most if not all of the replies and tried to copy most of the sources I found. I've put them all into order by type and alphabet so hopefully this can help others who are searching.
Apophenia -
CODYsaurusREX -
Counter-apologetics wiki –
Kendall Hobbs – Why I am No Longer a Christian
Paul Wright – Losing My Religion: Thoughts on Leaving Chrsitianity -
Paul Wright – Losing My Religion or the Truth About CICCU -
Scientific Method -
Christopher Hitchens Destroys Religion -
Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate -
-----------YouTube Channels:
The Atheist Experience –
Bible Reloaded -
Crash course –
DarkViper8888 -
Minute Physics –
Theoretical Bullshit -
Thunderf00t -
-----------TV Shows and Documentaries:
Atheist Experience (TV)
Carl Sagan - Cosmos (TV)
Neil deGrasse Tyson – Cosmos (TV)
Kumare (Documentary)
-----------Reading Material:
Albert Einstein – Relativity : The Special and General Theory
Bertrand Russel - The Problems of Philosophy
Bill Bryson - A Short History of Nearly Everything
Carl Sagan - Contact
Carl Sagan - Demon Haunted World
Carl Sagan - The Dragons of Eden
Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot
Christopher Hitchens - God is Not Great
David Quammen - The Reluctant Mr. Darwin
George Gamow - The Birth and Death of the Sun
George Gamow – Gravity
George Gamow - One, Two, Three... Infinity
Herald Fritzsch - Quarks: The Stuff of Matter
Jospeh Campbell - Hero with a Thousand Faces
Ken Daniels – Why I believed
Oliver Sacks – Hallucinations
Oliver Sacks - Seeing Voices
Penny Le Couteur and Jay Burreson - Napoleon's Buttons
Peter Boghossian - Manual for Creating Atheists
Richard Dawkins - The God Delusion
Richard Dawkins - The Greatest Show on Earth
Richard Dawkins – The Selfish Gene
Richard Feynman - QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter
Sam Harris - The End of Faith
Sam Harris - Letter to a Christian Nation
Stephen Hawking - A brief History of Time
Steve Wells - The Skeptics Annotated Bible
-----------Book Series:
George Gamow - Mr. Tompkins
Oxford University Press - A Very Short Introduction -Thermodynamics -Superconductivity -Magnetism.
The Bible
The Qu'ran
The Bhagavad Gita
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2014.07.10 01:42 prettytitties2000 How does Christianity effect your life ?

Hello I am taking an intro to Chrsitianity class and have a few questions I was wondering if you could answer ... How much a part of your lives their own Christianity is? Do you have daily practices, weekly practices, holiday practices? Does it effect your politics? Personal morality? Dating? What does it feels like when you are in church. How do you see the rest of the Christian churches. Anyone answer this please .. Mormons, Catholics, Evangelical any and everyone please and please let me know what you practice
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2014.07.10 00:34 prettytitties2000 Christianity

Hello I am taking an intro to Chrsitianity class and have a few questions I was wondering if you could answer ... How much a part of your lives their own Christianity is? Do you have daily practices, weekly practices, holiday practices? Does it effect your politics? Personal morality? Dating? What does it feels like when you are in church. How do you see the rest of the Christian churches. Anyone answer this please .. Mormons, Catholics, Evangelical any and everyone please and please let me know what you practice
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2014.07.09 23:16 prettytitties2000 Christianity

Hello I am taking an intro to Chrsitianity class and have a few questions I was wondering if you could answer ... How much a part of your lives their own Christianity is? Do you have daily practices, weekly practices, holiday practices? Does it effect your politics? Personal morality? Dating? What does it feels like when you are in church. How do you see the rest of the Christian churches. Anyone answer this please .. Mormons, Catholics, Evangelical any and everyone please and please let me know what you practice
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2014.04.22 16:20 tabledresser [Table] IamA Nigerian who witnessed the 2001 Jos riots and the Boko Haram insurgency AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-04-22
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
I watched the video you posted of the guy being burnt alive. What is the worst / most haunting thing you have seen? When I was in boarding school, we had a female ex-soldier for a nurse. She ended up treating us kids like soldiers which led to the slow death of a friend of mine. He was a star athlete and stepped on a nail. I think he had tetanus. The nurse did not treat him well, she always hit him and yelled at him until one day his breathing became shallow and he started vomiting a black liquid from his mouth and nose.
Edit: Here's the video (SERIOUSLY NSFW) Link to 20 minutes before that happened, I was going for an excursion (field trip) and I met him breathing hard in the room. He grabbed my arm as I walk passed him and said he couldn't breathe due to chest pain. I said he should not worry and slowly forced his hands off. I did not tell anyone what had happened only to hear people screaming and rush in to see him on the floor rolling and vomiting. He died on the way to the clinic.
Did anything come of it? What did his family say? The nurse was fired. Too little too late. The principal got chased out of the boys house by his crying gun wielding 60 year old father.
What happened to the father? I imagine waving a gun around would have some bad consequences. Nope. You can't get arrested for just holding a weapon in your own home.
I dated a girl from Nigeria for a few years and her and her sister talked about One timers. Supposedly people being kidnapped and sold to Voodoo practitioners. Is this real? If so what do you know about it? Yes. It's called one chance. You get on a bus and get your journey diverted to a remote area where you are used as sacrifice. Very real .
How do they chose people for this? How would you know if you have been chosen? What are your chances of surviving once chosen? Ennie minnie miny moe? If you were chosen, your bus ride would take an unual detour. I heard they charmed the occupants to sleep. Can't confirm that though. Your chances of surving are based on if the gods are full.
Damn. Did you know anybody who this happened to? Was it common? No I did not. I did read some accounts in the paper though.
"Charmed them to sleep"? Surely you aren't implying that they used magic. You mean drugged them to sleep or something? Yup.
Anyways, 1. Are you the guy who owes my friend 10 billion dollars? 2) Constant state of alert. We would hear the gunshots all night. Screams. Explosions from locally made bombs. My father had Muslim friends who used to hear about plans of attack through the grape vines so we would keep moving from house to house. Most of the houses we stayed in were Muslim houses that hid us since the Muslims were on the offensive.
If your childhood wasn't that bad, did you grow up in a wealthier part of Nigeria? Or were acts of violence like the video you've posted normal for everyone, no matter the income? I did not grow up in a wealthy part of Nigeria. But I did not grow up in abject poverty either. My parents were not rich but they never spared expenses in sending us to good schools. From a very young age, my mother made sure to buy me novels while my father would sit me on his lap and we'll read news papers together. That all changed when my little sister was born... O_O.
What do you mean by "my childhood wasn't shite"? Are you more privileged than others in your situation, i.e. wealth/social standing? What do you think could have made your childhood "shite"? I am privileged. I went to good schools and had a very strict reading culture fostered by my parents. If that's not privilege I don't know what is.
Thanks for the AMA, what is modern society like in Nigeria? Are cities modern, is Nigeria still a third world country? thanks. - Ignorant American. We have very modern areas. But then around the modern areas we have moats of shitholes. You can only get there through the draw bridge of money.
In your area what do you classify as a "normal" amount of crime? For instance where i live a murder or some robberies a week is normal. I ask since most people i know think/are told that area is full of crime. I'd say its the same thing. But it does tend to go up during election season with assassination galore.
Do they ever catch any of the people doing the assassination, or do they just end up saying screw it there are to many? We don't have the infrastructure for constant electricity mate talkless of any form of "Forensic science". All we can do is speculate. When the under paid police officers themselves are pawns of the politicians, who do you expect to catch the "criminals"?
Is this assassination of political leaders, local elections, or murders of supporters? Could you elaborate on why murder rates increase during the electoral process? It's assassination of both. Political rivals send hitmen to eliminate the competition. They send thugs to the voting booths to monitor the ballots. It's a do or die affair and everyone knows the rules of the game. In the words of Frank from House of cards "it is either hunt or be hunted"
So essentially a mafia state? I mean, is there a real distinction here between mafia-like behavior and what you see from the Nigerian "government"? Edit: I a word. Nope, you're pretty much spot on.
I live in the UK. Why is it all the Nigerian guys I know seem to give themselves names like "Spider" and "Friday"? Because it's cool. Would you fuck with a guy who names himself spider?
Spider from Goodfellas got fucked with quite a lot. He shouldn't have told pesci to go fuck himself.
What do you think of 230 schoolgirls being abducted from schools recently? It happens mate. Sad as it is. People are desperate.
I find the lack of media attention for this in the rest of the world surprising.. We are talking about more people than that went missing on MH370..and they're kids,for christ sake... When something occurs constantly, it is no longer news.
Desperate about what exactly and how is that solved by abducting schoolgirls? Resources, money?
Was this true for you when you left Nigeria? If so, do you think your views have changed after living in the West for awhile? Yes in Nigeria it does get a bit dog eat dog, but I would say that on the whole, the people can be helpful.
So is she the youngest? Yes she is. And the only girl too.
I once asked a gambian collegue (whose ethnicity is mandinka and religion muslim) about how people who were more into older religions were accepted in gambian society, and he said ppl were basically afraid of them and didn't mess with them. is that similar to how it is in nigeria? People are very conservative in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. They fear (Juju/voodoo) and most of the early religions before colonialism were the African traditional religions so you have to understand there is still a subset of old people who grew up with such religions.
What's a corpse farm? You rear captured humans with the rules of animal husbandry. You sacrifice them to the gods when you deem fit. Feast for all :)
Did you know anyone who was killed in the riots? Yes. My neighbour's nanny died when she went back to her burning home and was searching for her husband.Her body was found and had been hacked with a machete.
What is one random act of selflessness that touched your heart the most? A Muslim bus driver hid some Chrsitian passengers from a Muslim mob during one of the riots.
Do you currently still live in Nigeria? Nope. Got outta dodge a couple of years back.
If I may ask, what country do you live in now? Canada now.
Do you ever have a desire to go back? Would you feel comfortable going back? I do. It is home after all. If not for anything just the fact that the taxes are not so prevalent there than in the west here.
Do your parents and siblings still live there? If so, have they settled down well after being on the run during the main conflict, or are they uneasy and looking over their shoulders in case it all kicks off again? If not, where do they live now, and do they feel safe there? My family moved away from there recently.
Where/how did you learn english? My roommate is Nigerian and he doesn't know these colloquialisms as well as you do. I just read novels a lot. Watched cartoons. Had a knack for it.
Ahh welcome fellow countryman to the land of pine trees and snow. Speaking of which, how did you react to the snow and other weather? It's brutal. The winter was ridiculous. After complaining about rain in London.
Where in Canada? I'd love to buy you a beer! (Alexander Keith's or Big Rock, no watery American stuff). ON.
Children dying from tetanus, witch-doctors with corpse farms, annual coups and assassinations, all run by a mafia state, but you site western taxes as a reason to move back? Everybody hates taxes, but that comment struck me as really odd. If Nigeria, as a sovereign state, is to get organized, how is going to build infrastructure to address most of the problems you've outlined? Yes, but then if we stack the ills of every nation it will sound like earth needs another flood wouldn't it. I'm just saying, wealth and success are easier to maintian there than in the west. I'm greedy. I don't like taxes. I want to buy pizza with my taxes.
How hard was the moving process for them? Was it a tough process to help them move, or was there little attention paid by border security, international security? My father worked in immigration and my mother was well traveled so not really.
Success and wealth may be easier to maintain (debatable), but impossible to create in that environment due to the corruption. You seem to be looking at an arbitrage opportunity of being born and raised there, getting out to make some money, then potentially going back to enjoy it. Finally someone gets it. That's exactly it.
What's it like having a birthday so close to Christmas? It fucking sucks mate. My father and mother always argue on whether i was born on the 30th or 29th. I always end up missing both days due to arguements. On the plus side, my eldest brother was born on the 3rd of january and he gets all the attention even now that we're men. I don't care. -_-
We have the same birthday! Happy co-birthday, op. I guess I have to kill you now.
Why do you believe such acts of violence occur in your part of the world and not as much in others? What are the reasons for such acts of modern violence? Poverty and lack of education. When you hammer people so much to the point of complacency, eventually someone is going to go mad. Nigeria just started a democratic rule in 2000, the previous periods since the 1960's were military rule so you gotta know how far back the iron hand goes.
Why witchcraft though? Africa and India are the only places I hear about this coming from communities (countries with Sharia Law excluded since their enforcement mostly comes from government, not community.)? I understand that education is poor, but do people really still blaim Satan and wicked witches for their problems? We are behind in terms of social leanings. It'll take sometime to evolve.
Were you traumatized? how did it feel to witness such things in real life? I mean the panic and the emotions, adrenaline etc. I wouldn't say traumatized since it's something I've grown up with. Panic definitely but not trauma.
What would you do to solve the Boko Haram problem? With a Nuclear weapon and thirst for blood. Just kidding. With a rail gun and thirst for blood.
What is education like in Nigeria? Good meaning highly competitive or piss poor meaning the teachers can barely string sentences together.There is no middle ground.
I don't agree. source: I went to a "middle ground" school in Nigeria. What school if I may ask?
What was your biggest culture shock when you left Nigeria? Not much really. I basically knew how things worked in the west. We watch you guys on cable more than you think. We adopt and absorb your cultural exports mate. Well done.
I had a good friend in college that came from Nigeria. He said pretty much the same thing, but that the first time he went into a Walmart he was floored. Yeah we don't really have metro super stores everywhere.
Was there anything you experienced that they don't show on tv and came as a surprise? Other than flash mobs dancing in malls no. I thought High school musical was fake.
Do you have any feelings for Nigeria or thinking of going back to rebuild / contribute? I think once I establish myself, I might go back and revamp the current entertainment sector. The only way to gain the world's interest is by success. Neil Blomkamp put South Africa on everyone's radar ... And made Nigerians look like alien fuckers. O_O.
Good thing is our penis doesn't discriminate based on our district 9 portrayal.
That's good, because you'd be pretty hard-pressed to find any real life aliens! I've read that Africa is actually beginning to really beginning to grow its own cinema movement in the vein of Bollywood - if you were to go back and work in the entertainment sector, would you try to make more western-oriented productions, or would you be making films catering to the people of Nigeria? I'd try to bridge the gap between both. Making western styled movies in slums is never a risky venture. Blakc Hawk Down and Distric 9 as examples.
BH conducted its operations more or less peacefully during the first seven years of its existence - what changed in 2009, do you think? That's the thing. Nothing changed. I think that's why they just went bat shit insane. They started out as just outspoken radical uneducated clerics and were ignored. It wasn't until they took up arms that shit hit the fan.
Took up arms? Or someone supplied them with arms? Both.
What differentiates you from other Nigerians that you're on reddit? I'm guessing you don't live there now, so is that it? Nothing really. If Reddit becomes facebook popular, I'd definitely expect to see more. I was always a weird one back home I guess. I don't live there now.
Hi! I am half Nigerian, unfortunately have never travelled to the country. When I ask my grandmother questions she does everything to avoid the subject entirely. When did the tensions between Christians and Muslims start?! And is the government partaking in any forms of relief for the situation? How is the situation now? The tension started after independence. The Brits fucked us in the arse and pulled out leaving the Muslims and Christians to squabble for the prize. Different military generals of varying faiths also contributed to the tensions. Resource allocation however is one of the major factors. The North is predominantly Muslim while the south is Christian. they did with India and Pakistan? The brits sure slept around didn't they.
Which event that you witnessed affected you most? There are many, Could you be a little bit more specific?
I'll piggyback.. How have these events you witnessed shaped your world view? What are the big problems from your point of view and what can be done to solve them? There is nothing we can do to solve in. Alleviate it perhaps but not solve. The old men in power give the same reins to their children who grew up with wealth. Short of exiling them from the stratosphere, the bourgeoisie are the bourgeoisie because they know how to remain the bourgeoisie.
How prevalent is gun ownership among individuals or families in Nigeria? Not really prevalent. Just the para military forces and criminals. The rest have weapons of prayer.
In your opinion, is religion is a force for good, or a force for evil? Both. Grew up Catholic and had Muslim friends and Christian friends of different denominations. The kindest and worst people I met are from both ends.
So basically religion has nothing to do with it; people are either just shitty or good people. The best kind of shitty amte. The kind where you have an utmost devotion to being shit.
When I was in Nigeria, everyone would shake hands with everyone, and the cool guys would always snap their fingers off of each others'. How can we bring this practice to the West? My friends don't get how cool it is. Teach them how to do it.
Thanks for doing this. What do you think it will take to control Boko Haram? Do you think the government/military is too weak? Nigeria is a former British Colony, so do you think Britain or the UN could step in like France did in Mali? I think a honey pot deal. Lure the bastards into a cease fire and purge them behind a shed. Brutal? maybe. But the amount of shit they have pulled, people they have killed, innocent kids who were schooling even. External intervention wouldn't do anything since we are not in a civil war era yet. The Boko Harma still keep to the Northern part of the country.
think a honey pot deal. Lure the bastards into a cease fire and purge them behind a shed. Brutal? maybe. But the amount of shit they have pulled, people they have killed, innocent kids who were schooling even. History shows that this cannot be the response. Brutal retaliation leads to a cycle of rape, torture and mass murder. This cycle leads to even more young men, who have been directly effected by the violence, to join the radical group on their side. Examples include Hutu vs. Tutsi in Rwanda, Janjaweed vs Sudan Liberation Movement/Army in Sudan and the Séléka vs the Anit-Balaka in CAR. The long road to recovery and peace needs to start with arrests and trials of war criminals, followed by reconciliation projects. Many of the people who have been displaced during these conflicts were friendly with neighbours of different backgrounds. It is sad to see that the brutality of these wars has labeled every citizen either A or B and puts civilians in the cross-hairs of the enemy. Are there any groups in Nigeria trying to bring Christian and Muslim citizens together to build a future where both religions can co-exist? Thing is Nigeria is divided right down the middle that the only advocacy groups are the Muslim and Christian leaders. Even then everyone is playing hard ball and pointing the finger so it never amounts to anything.
To brighten the mood a bit, what is a must-try dish from Nigeria? Fired rice and plantain(do do) with stew or without.
F'real? Forgot about Nsala? Nkwobi? Isi-Ewu? Suya?.. Aww come on the soups are complicated to make.
Isi-ewu is just goat-head bro. You order 'em from drinking 'joints'. You don't have to DIY. ;) I know. But nothing beats ram meet during sallah.
What is the deal with the rabid hatred for LGBT people that is reported on so much? You have to understand that we are still chasing the west in every aspect of life. From education, standard of living, down to societal preconceptions.
I have spent a lot of time in Africa and it seems to me that much of the problem is different tribes/cultures being forced into the same country because some english guy drew a somewhat random map of the area. Nigeria seems to have clear ethnic regions. Do you think it would help if the country was broken up into smaller countries? Dividing the nations is simply dividing the problems. It doesn't do anything. All we need is a better educated generation. The onset of technology is helping that immensely.
How has everything you have seen or experienced while living in Nigeria shaped you to be what you are today? Yes it has. I learned to both appreciate my heritage and I get to pat myself on the back for not dying yet.
You mentioned you were well read growing up - do you read Nigerian literature? My parents have been harping on about Chinua Achebe for years Yes I did read a lot. Including Chinua Achebe's works.
Mach-2, your ama just paid off. You found a classy gal who likes Paolo Nutini. Well done. She used a throw away.
You sure brother? Her account is 36 hours older than your AMA. Catch that flaming arrow. :) Ahaha please don't give me ideas mate.
You're right, ideas are far to powerful a force to just throw around willy-nilly. Nah. Get her number and give her a ring. On the phone... make the phone ring, but don't physically give her a ring. Yet. Knowing my luck, it was all a troll.
Hey man, don't insult me like that! Has reddit really made you so jaded? Of course it's a throwaway! Would you have preferred something like "I_EAT_ANUS_NSFW"? Ahahaha apologies. You just can't be too sure. The lengths people go to troll these days is insane.
What was the most shite part of your childhood? NEPA now known as PHCN. They are the electric company. Never any light.
How long did you live in Nigeria, and what part of Nigeria? I lived there for 18 years. Lived in Lagos then moved to Jos.
Hey, I know this kind of non-related topic, but how big is impact of soccer on the population? Very popular. Played everywhere. it's the number 1 sport.
What's your favourite colour? Blue...ish.
What are some of Nigeria's biggest issues today, and what can the global 'North' (Europe, North America, etc.) do to help? Education and Electricity. There's nothing Europe and North America can do to help. We need to sort ourselves out. No matter how much money you send, pot bellied chief Obi will pocket it.
Yes you did the AMA!! What one thing could Nigeria do to improve things? I would suggest an overhaul of the democratic process barring many of the former leaders from running for office and active checks and balances.
What was the worst moment in Nigeria that you've rebember? Finding out my aunt who raised me died on a medical table when the doctors forgot about her due to heavy work load.
How big is the influence of the gang 'The area boys' with the common citizen? Depends on where you go. They usually operate in the less secure areas.
I have already read that you don't live in Nigeria at the moment, but what is your favorite thing about your country? There is a certain unabashed honesty when it comes to criticising the nation. The only other people that come close to admitting the good with the bad I've seen, are the Brits. We have a go at each other.
I remember reading some of your stories about your boarding school a few months ago, The ones which stick out are when you got involved in a fruit smuggling rink, and when some kid made a prison break style escape. My tag for you also leads to this comment which I think is fucking hilarious. My question is what is your favorite memory from your boarding school? When I got my first girl friend I reckon.
How do you live with what you have seen today? Do you have nightmares? Where are you living now? I'm normal. Except for the occasional waking up to conduct rituals, I'm alright. Seriously though, I don't have nightmares anymore. I do get instances that trigger memories but not so much. I lived in the UK, currently in Canada now.
Chai, bros how far now? I dey bros. How you? where you dey?
In college I took an African lit class. I found that Nigeria has some really good authors. How well-known at home are writers like Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Ben Okri, etc.? Achebe is actually pretty popular in America since a lot of high schools assign Things Fall Apart. They're standard. We were always taught about their works. Things fall apart, the gods are not to blame etc.
I know I'm late to the party here, but are you stoked for Nigeria in World Cup this year? You guys might actually make it out of group, which I don't think the US will pull off. You bastard! I buried the world cup at the back of my mind ages ago. You can't just give me hope like this. I hope we can. Our junior team does well but the senior team under performs. I don't know why. U.S.A has been getting better, you guys might actually surprise us. Hopefully not. Just so I can rub it in your face in CC.
Sorry for a slightly boring question, but im an english teacher in a foreign country. Are there many foreign teachers in Nigeria? Yes there are. Well paid too.
I heard from an article in National Geographic that the Nigerian security forces have sometimes been as brutal as Boko Haram when dealing with security threats, especially in the north of the country. Does this have any semblance of truth to it? Yes. The time for diplomacy is over.
What tribe does you family originate from? My good friend in Uni was Ibo. Idoma mate.
Money probably got short. No. That little shit got all the attention. We are 4 kids.
My student worker is from Nigeria. He wanted me to ask you how much you miss Suya, because he misses it dearly living here in the United States. Ahhahahaha I FUCKING DO. Ask him when last he had some. Tell him I had some Kilishi from a friend of mine a year ago.
I live in Houston, TX which I think has the highest concentration of Nigerians of anywhere in the US. We have a lot of Nigerian restaurants here where you can get suya, but somehow it's never as good as buying it outside the market from a guy with a cart who serves it on folded newspaper. I think you might know some people I know in Houston TX but I'm afraid to ask. Yeah and nothing beats the anticipation as you watch the mai-suya douse it with oil and fan it over and over.
chops lol, how far. Is this a naija meetup? wetin dey happen?
Of course. The funny thing is each person thinks he's the funniest and cleverest coming up with jokes that hang lower than a great grandma's breasts. That's why I hid my Nigerian heritage all my time on Reddit. It's like those people who make jokes out of names or call Americans fat. Gets old quick.
Damn thank God for u life oh i kno say no be small tin to go from there to here we just dey here dey thank God so where u come dey for canada sef I been commot finally around 2k9 go jand. Na from jand where I been get job in movie industry, na im I come go Canada to make 1 movie like dat. I don dey canada for 1 year now. I go soon commot go L.A hopefully. Where you dey sef?
I dey canada too dey go school for here i go still dey here after school. Swear down? Which side you dey?
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2013.08.13 22:49 tabledresser [Table] IamA 99 year old woman who helped her mother make bootlegged alcohol in Chicago during the Prohibition, and then lived through 2 World Wars, the Great Depression, and a lot of other history. AMA!

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Date: 2013-08-13
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In your opinion, what has been the greatest, or most fascinating, invention, innovation, etc, made in your lifetime? I think it's everything that has happened in the medical field (advancements and medicines).
EDIT: expanding on it. My husband had an appendectomy and he was in the hospital from January to June. His brother was only in for a week. If he had had that these days, he might've been home the next day.
In the 20s, many health services didn't exist. Diseases would be rampant in many sections of the city, and the health inspector would put up a poster on your door stating that there was a contagious disease in the house. Many kids caught things at school. Out of our family of 5 children, 4 of us had diphtheria, and one of my sisters died, and we were quarantined in our house for about 3 weeks. Now, they have shots for babies to prevent it. At a funeral, you could only visit a body once through visitation and through a glass wall, because they were afraid you would catch the disease if you got too close. And my mother had to ride alone in the car, and she was not permitted to leave the car at the cemetery because they were afraid she would catch it. However, our minister brought her out against their orders to visit the grave.
What was it like pre-prohibition? As in were people talking about it a lot? Was there much opposition amongst the public or politicians? People were talking about it in the late 20s and of course some of it was political. I think the public wasn't much aware of it, and it became a problem more in the 30s. It was an extremely political move, and communication was different back then so there was a lot of hearsay or gossip. Different communities and areas of the country handled it differently. I think the Depression had a great deal to do with the Prohibition, people became millionaires. Every community had knowledge of where to get liquor, and it was really a lifestyle.
What kinds of food did you eat on a daily basis, especially during the Depression? Is there anything you remember especially fondly or are happy to never eat again? What was a real treat? We have so much excess and choice these days. During the Depression, I ate bread and butter sandwiches, with sugar on it as a treat. I worked in the school cafeteria so my siblings could get free meals.
Having witnessed our government and social change for so long, have there been any changes in direction that were a surprise? Are there things you wish you had seen the US do differently? I don't think anything was a surprise, I think everything was something that was to be expected. I think the immigration situation in the past should have been handled differently, and our Prohibition distracted us from the problems boiling up in Europe, so we weren't prepared for what happened there in the years that followed.
What is the trick to looking so young for being 99? That's incredible. My response (the great-granddaughter): she stays extremely active, walking wherever she can (with a walker or cane if it's very far). She also likes to drink a Southern Comfort Manhattan when she can :)
I never smoked, and I get out of bed and put my feet on the floor every morning!
Retire at 96? What were your careers throughout your life? First, I changed my baptismal certificate so that I could start working at the age of 12 after my father was killed by a streetcar. My mother and I agreed that I would work so that my siblings could continue in school. I changed my certificate to say I was 14. My first job was in the school cafeteria, where my siblings and I could eat a free lunch, sometimes it was our only food for the day.
Then I worked at a Woolworth's counter, and then I was hired to work in the Chrsitian Education program, and then became program coordinator for the church itself. I worked there for 65 years, and I retired at 96!
1) What were the risks involved in (I assume) small-scale bootlegging in a city such as Chicago? 1) There weren't many risks for us, the Al Capone gang would handle the problems. We weren't ever in danger, because we were a family and they didn't want to mess with that. They mostly focused on the big shot brewers.
2) Can you recommend any music of the 20's and 30's? Did you have any favorite songs? 2) Al Jolson was a good one, my husband and I would go dancing and that music was good. I like the song "It's 3 o'clock in the morning"!
It's 3 o'clock in the morning. Link for the lazy. Thank you for this! I'll show it to her, I think she'll love it!
This might sound like an odd question, but how has the food you've eaten changed over the course of your life? Like for instance what was the kind of food you ate as a child compared to say the 50's etc? You can get food so much faster these days, you used to have to wait to eat, and take time with your meals. The food itself is different, when I was young we didn't have much, so we ate whatever was put in front of you when something was put in front of you at all. We ate meat right away because we didn't have refrigerators, and usually we ate bread and butter, and most of our food at the school with lunch because I worked in the cafeteria and got our siblings lunches for free that way. My husband was a butcher, and we'd be lucky because we'd have meat fairly often as well as dented cans from the grocery store he was a butcher in. I started traveling in the 60s and 70s, and eating food from all over the world I realized how lucky I was to have the food I did back at home. In the 80s and 90s is when the fast food came about, and easy meals made it so there wasn't much family time around a meal.
Did you ever witness any mafia related crimes during prohibition? My father was killed by a car driven by a man from the Al Capone jury.
Was it easy to tell which places had a speakeasy? Ooohhh yes. You had to go around to the back and go through an alley to get in, and they were always busy on Friday nights, because that was pay day. Saturday nights were more social, but the big drinking might was Friday.
How many customers would your family serve a day? We would sell to maybe 20 or so people on a Friday, and we didn't sell during the week.
Were any of the customers police officers or politicians? We had a few politicians, no police officers.
Of all the decades you have lived through, if you could go back and live in one again, which one would it be and why? The late 40s and early 50s, because the war was over, the country was prospering, and women were finding jobs. I was also newly married and had 2 children. :)
What is your earliest childhood memory? My father took me to see the World War I veterans return home in a parade in Chicago.
What were you doing when you heard John F Kennedy was shot? I was at work at our church, on our way out to lunch, and we heard it on the radio. We didn't go out to lunch, we stopped and watched what unfolded on the TV.
What was the most touching act of human kindness you witnessed and have remembered all these years later? I think in 1926, when there was a diphtheria in our neighborhood and my younger sister died when we were all sick and quarantined, the only way we had a visitation was at the contagious hospital and you could see her in her coffin behind a glass wall. When we arrived at the cemetery, a health official told my mother she couldn't leave the car to visit the grave. Our pastor ignored him and opened the car door to let her out to see my sister at the gravesite. The official was very upset, but it didn't bother our pastor one bit.
Who has been your favorite President? As an American Studies major, the 1950s was my favorite period in American History to study. Do you have any stories from the 50's related to the McCarthy era/communist fears in our country? John F Kennedy was her favorite president. EDIT(continuing answer): The communist problems didn't reach us. Television was new in our culture, and many keynote speakers would voice their own opinion, and the people who listened would hear what they wanted to, so nothing seemed really threatening to us.
All political questions aside, who do you think was the best President of your lifetime? In an earlier question, she answered that her favorite president was John F Kennedy.
As someone who has lived through the Great Depression, are you ever sickened by the "throwaway culture" in the US today? Also, who was your favorite president and why? Her favorite president was John F Kennedy, I'll get back with the other answer when she gets home.
EDIT: Oh absolutely. We waste so much, when there could come a time when we need all we can get.
Hello, Louise! You said you've seen a lot of the world. What place have you enjoyed the most? I've been to every European country, and seen all 50 states, but I very much enjoyed Shanghai and the Canadian Rockies(the best way to see them is by train)!
How did you gain immortality? She laughed at that and said "ooohhh my goodness!"
Kind of a silly question, but do you have any big/exciting plans for your 100th birthday? :) We want to get her interviewed on the news, and we plan on inviting all of her family and friends to celebrate at the church she attends every Sunday. Thanks for your question!
From her: No, but everyone else does!
Living through the Great Depression, how does it compare with living through harsh economic times now? When my parents moved from Indiana, they were poor to begin with, so the transition into the Great Depression wasn't too difficult. It hit the families with money harder than it hit us. I'm used to making do with what I have, and I'm not in a bad position at the moment. I've been careful with spending and saving all my life, and I always have what I need.
EDIT: Wow, thanks for the gold you guys! Now, what to do with it...
Do you remember any stories that YOUR elders told YOU when you were young that made you think "Wow, times have changed."? My grandparents had a brewery in Indiana, so I was surprised that alcohol had been legal (I only really knew of a time of Prohibition!)
What, if anything, would you like to change today in 2013 that would reflect the way things were back 50-60 years ago? Nothing really, I think things are better now.
Being 99 and switched on enough to do an AMA is quite the feat. I don't have a question, I just wanted to offer my appreciation of the fact that you obviously keep your mind in good order. Also, can I have a bottle of hooch? If you go through the alleys in back of the yards and in the places where empty parks were, you'll find where I left the mash (the leftover stuff after the hooch was made), because no one questions a child with a bucket to dump out. Maybe there's some left and you can make your own! :)
No comments on the Greendale t shirt!? Go Human Beings! E Pluribus Anus!
I'd like to request a video response of this one, please. That was me, not GG. Sorry if that's disappointing! :)
Leonard's friends aside, this was a great AMA. Thank you! We'll be back soon with more answers!
When you thought about what the future would be like, what did you think would happen? Like in 1950, what did you think the year 2000 would be like, as far as culture, politics, technology, etc. I thought there would be a lot of technological advancement, and there has been. Especially medicine, I think those advancements are the most interesting to me.
What was it like when the United States announced their entrance to world war 2? Was it fearful or was there a sense of pride? Also thanks for doing this, its great to hear individual accounts of history :) I was fearful, but I think the rest of the country was divided.
Were there any times you and/or your family were in direct danger due to law enforcement, (violent) criminals or the process of making the hooch itself? Earlier I said my father was killed by a car driven by a member of a jury trying to convict Al Capone. The police tried to make sure nothing would get in the way of a conviction, so they gave us a settlement to make sure that the trial against Capone could continue, because they had had problems with previous cases against him.
How different has the future turned out to be in comparison to what you thought it would be like as a little girl? The moon landing was a huge deal. I never thought I'd live to see that!
Were female bootleggers common? if not, how did your mother make her way into a male run underground? There were really not that many female bootleggers. We got through it by sheer luck! She had known how to do it from a previous business in Indiana, when it had been legal, but we got lucky as far as selling it went.
Did you used to dance? What were the dance halls like? My grandparents used to amaze me with stories of meeting each other in dance halls and such. Yes. Every community had a dance hall, and my dancing experience goes back to the Charleston. Dances were social events on the weekends, and there were famous ballrooms across the city. Our famous one on the south side was the Trianon.
What is your favorite food/dish that didn't exist 60 years ago? I think the cultural background of our immigrants has changed our food- we get more foreign foods that I enjoy the most.
What do you think about the changing role of women in the US, both at work and at home? Are there any opportunities you wanted to have that weren't available to you as a woman? World War II really opened the door for employment, to take some positions that had previously only been for men. For me, I didn't struggle much because of the opportunities presented after World War II.
Did you know your grandparents or great grandparents? What years were they born? Where? My paternal grandparents were from Louisville, Kentucky, my maternal grandparents were from Ferdinand, Indiana. I knew my maternal grandmother, but not my father's grandparents.
As a seller of bootlegged alcohol, did your family have any interaction and/or fear of organized crime organizations? There wasn't really much fear. We knew who the neighborhood gangs were and that we were to stay away from that lifestyle, but we also knew that when there was a problem, we were to go to the gang leaders for help. I didn't have too much interaction with them.
What was your favorite decade[s] for fashion? The 40s and 50s!
How was downtown Chicago back then? What did you do for fun? Downtown Chicago wasn't exactly the fun area. For fun, we would go to White City or Riverview park or to the Lincoln Park Zoo.
Who is your favorite musical artist? I like Bing Crosby and Sinatra. You were an adult when elvis started his career, did you think his music/act was offensive at the time or did you like it? Not a musical artist, but I like the old actor Edmond O'Brien! I can't really pick a favorite artist, I like a variety. It's not that I didn't like it, but I didn't appreciate it, because it wasn't really my style.
Cubs or Sox? Sox of course!
Hi Kell and GG. How're things on vacation? Fun and shopping!
Hi there! Thanks for doing this AMA. I'm visiting Chicago right now (until Friday morning) with my fiance (we're Canadians), what would you suggest we do?! From the great-granddaughter. When I went to the city, I loved the Lincoln Park Zoo. Free, spacious, and fun!
Cubs or Sox? Sorry if this has already been asked. Sox all the way! Her favorite player of all time is Luke Appling.
I work in a veteran affairs office in Arkansas and hear a lot about the return of Vietnam veterans and how poorly they were received. Could you tell me about any personal experience or knowledge you have of that? I had two nephews who served in Vietnam. When they returned, one took a motorcycle and drove all around the country. It was his way of coping with what he had gone through. I don't know much about when they returned, but I know that recently they've received veteran's benefits. Thank you for your work with the veterans!
Thank you for your time. The words of our elders are always worth hearing. The recent years are some of the most trying this nation has seen since the 1930s. If you could give young people one piece of wisdom, what would it be? Education is so important, take it seriously.
Were you happier living in 1920-1960 or 1961-now quality of life wise. 1961-now. It's just a better time in general.
3 hours and two questions answered. I hope Louise is just napping. She's out shopping, we didn't expect this to blow up so fast!
I was really excited to see this on the front page, too. We're excited too. :)
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